Author: Dave Shaw

Batman Nintendo Retrogaming Review 0

Retrogaming Review: Batman (NES)

Just because a game came out for the Nintendo Entertainment System doesn’t necessarily mean that it features at least one seemingly impossible gameplay obstacle, but it’s not a terrible rule of thumb. The first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game features...

Space Invaders and Robotron arcade cabinets 0

8-Bit Pickers: The Annotated Arcade Cabinet

It is a well documented fact that nerds enjoy enshrining great moments in nerd history in poster form. Today’s 8-Bit Pickers find comes to us from the interestingly named Koboh Department of Consumer Wish Fulfillment.

Nintendo Controller End Table with Wii Remote 0

8-Bit Pickers: The Classiest Nintendo Controller In Town

Today’s 8-Bit Picker find comes from Bohemian Workbench, a custom design studio based in California that specializes in furniture that balances nerdy subject matter with quality a significant other might actually say yes to. The studio’s Instagram account (@bohemianworkbench) was...

8-Bit Pickers: Link's Retrogaming Fireplace 0

8-Bit Pickers: Link’s Fireplace Made Yours

One of the great things about getting older is that all of the retrogaming nerds out there now have disposable income to spend on products inspired by the games we all grew up with. 8-Bit Picking is our category dedicated...